Goblin World



Do you think being a henchman is fun?  Do you think it pays well?  Is it safe, reliable work?  Ha! 

Blort, the extortionist looked around the room, surveying the carnage from his vantage point peeking out from between a splintered barrel and an overturned shelf.  Feznik was dead, that much was certain.  Not even a wizard can survive having his skull split with a long handled axe.  Was Blort sorry?  Krak’s balls, no!  Even for a sun-lover, Feznik was a particularly cruel and demented master.   Who was always to blame when something went wrong?  The Goblins!  Who got all the dirty, dangerous, boring jobs in the tower?  The Goblins!  Who were expected to sacrifice their lives en-masse whenever danger came calling?  You get the picture…

Around the room, some still smoldering, were the bodies of Feznek’s assailants.  ‘Adventurers’ they called themselves in the sun-lover tongue.  Or ‘Heroes’.  Crazed, thieving sociopaths is a more accurate description.  On this matter at least, Blort could sympathize with his deceased master.  It was as if the mere act of building a dark menacing tower overlooking the plains, crammed with treasure, objects of arcane power and tomes of forgotten mystic lore was some kind of beacon for every violent lunatic for thousands of miles.  Hardly a month went by without some gang of heavily armed psychos breaking in, stealing anything that wasn’t nailed down and slaughtering everyone in their path.

Wightbred and Epic Fail (Michael Maconachie) bring you a version of their Apocalypse World hack Goblin World  for Ingenero. 


    1. Looks great! I love the Raider and the Extortionist. Evil looking fucks, arent they?

      So there will be Orcs? As antagonists I presume?

  1. Playing Orcs as a related race to Goblins, so you can play one. Also Ogres and Worgs. I’m thinking about whether I do this for the Ingenero scenario or not.

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