Firuz stands before the grand Synagogue in Jerusalem with Tseng is at his side. He looks back at the gardens where Godfrey waits with his mercenaries. Some soldiers from Jerusalem’s garrison edge past – watchful and wary.   They know the rumours are true; that the army from the west has annihilated Antioch and Ma’arra and are now almost at their gates. Firuz shudders at the thought of the fighting that could fall into the narrow alleys of the holy city. And painful memories surface…

Firuz gestured silence to the cower- ing families at his back. From behind the wall, a drunken bandit shoved his head through the rubble, and leered at the women and children. Firuz’s dagger stabbed from below. 

Embedded in flesh, Firuz jerked his wrist. Blood sprayed the air. Time seemed to slow down. This was the first man Firuz had killed without using an arrow or bolt. It disgusted him. The man’s dying eyes locked onto Firuz’s. They said he was sorry; that he would gratefully redo his last moments to prevent the gushing tear above his collarbone. 

The folks at aethericdreams    bring you a scenario set in a mixture of  One Thousand and One Nights, the history surrounding the Crusades and both modern and ancient tales of terror.

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