action. drama.


In addition to the core rules, the following predefined scenarios are included to get you started right away.  Each scenario is 20 pages — starting a game the Ingenero way – an intriguing cliff-hanger situation, and a cast of great characters, both PC and NPC.


Click the images above for details of each scenario.


What makes engaging drama?

Drama = decisions + consequences.

Ingenero cuts to the heart of the matter by focussing firmly on these aspects of play.

What makes for exciting action?

Again, truly exciting action is about making decisions.

Decisions about risk, decisions about strategy.  Improvisation.  Style.

What is this game about?  

Ingenero aims to get your group roleplaying like a great HBO TV show such as Game of Thrones or Deadwood – engaging drama + exciting action.

Ingenero offers that support and framework to provide both exciting and engaging play.  It doesn’t just say ‘you should try to play like this’ – every rule is works toward showing you how,  for both the GM and the players.

Ingenero also works against: tedious fluffing about with clues, obsessing over equipment and resources, railroading, and tit for tat battles of attrition.  Read more to see how.

What are they saying?

Moms Basement Podcast:  “…does a good job of taking good play advice and integrating it into the way the system works.”  “…an ambitious game…it’s like its trying to teach you”

Sage reads games:  “I think it actually does a pretty decent job of following through on its promises.”

RPGnet:  “I think Ingenero is a diamond in the rough – it has a lot going for it, in spite of a few rough edges. If you like rules-light games and systems that make characters matter in the context of story, you’ll find a lot to like in Ingenero.”

Click for details of the SYSTEM and philosophy of Ingenero

Click for examples for EXAMPLES from the book



Physical book – $15     170 A4 pages                               PDF version – $9


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