Welcome to Ingenero

Ingenero is a little system with a big engine.  Its primary purpose is to propel the characters towards dramatic action.

Have you have ever been bored, ignored, or rail-roaded as a player?  

Have you ever struggled with prep, lost the players, or stressed out as a GM?

Ingenero was designed to address all those problems and more…

Ingenero is for character-based, action-themed play in your favourite setting.


Players describe their characters in terms of actions they can take, rather than skills or equipment they possess.

What you imagine your character should be able to do, is what they can do.


The result is cinematic conflict resolution. Conflicts are resolved using descriptive, competing objectives that can be used to target other characters, maneuver for advantage, or to aid or interfere.

The fiction informs the mechanics.  Imagine it, say it, resolve it!


The most important feature of the system is explicit goal-setting to ensure play  focus is on the things that are important to the characters.

Goals are the player’s flags to signal the GM about what is important to their characters.  It’s all about your characters.


Ingenero is guided by the rules of drama rather than the rules of physics or probability.  Characters always get a chance to at least compete for their goals – they are never completely knocked out of a conflict prematurely.

Every conflict still counts, but play is not dead-ended on a dice roll.


I designed this game to mechanically support both the players and the GM for  focused, immersive and well-paced action roleplaying.  I learned so much in designing and testing this game, and it’s my hope that playing it might help you achieve more satisfying roleplaying as well.


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