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Ingenero is a rpg system meant for action-themed games in the setting of your choice.  The GM, or the GM and players collectively, can go through the setup process to produce a setting, characters, and initial situation before starting to play.


Setup can take a long time, and while some players love the creative process, some just wanna play right now.

Its also a fact that a generic system on its own is a hard sell.  A compelling situation with great characters in an inspiring setting is what sells a game.

So that’s I’m looking for – canned scenarios to include in the Ingenero rulebook to hook people in and showcase the system.  Three to five canned scenarios seems about right.  It will depend on how many high quality submissions I receive.


The game will be published via CreateSpace which is Amazon’s Print On Demand service.  I plan to sell it for around $10-$15 via print only.  My intention is to split the profits 50% between canned scenario authors and myself.  The final price of the book will depend on the number of scenarios included.  I do not want each scenario to earn less than $1 per unit solid, so the price will increased based on that.

Ingenero is meant for improvised play, and allowing a lot of room for GM and player imagination to build the details of the setting.  That means no plot or highly detailed setting is required.  What exactly is then required for a canned scenario?

  • an inspiring setting — one that hasn’t already been done to death.  Sketch the setting with a broad brush.  Make it intriguing.  Provide plenty of hooks for player to build on, but don’t turn every stone.  Leave space for the players to add their own stuff.  You should be thinking more of emotive descriptions, hints and hooks, rather than facts.
  • great characters with interesting motivations, goals and histories.  Interesting characters, not cliches.
  • A compelling premise and initial situation.  Something that makes a players say “I wanna play that!”  THIS IS MOST IMPORTANT.
  • Great layout and artwork.  The system part of the rulebook has no artwork.  Your scenarios help SELL the book.  They have to look the part.  If you aren’t a good artist yourself, better make use of one, somehow.
  • Not more than 10-20 pages, inclusive of character sheets.
  • You gotta play-test your scenario.

A good example of what the general type of thing required is this great game by John Harper : Lady Blackbird.

This is very light on setting detail, you can do more than that.  But remember, you are sketching the setting, mostly through a collection of emotive hooks that can be used during play, rather than describing it in detail.

The book itself will be color cover, interior black and white, and 8.5 x 11 inches, so theres your layout.  I haven’t got a cover in mind — maybe one image from each scenario in a montage?  Depends if we have useful color images to use.


Nothing too formal.  Get in touch and we can consider what you want to do.   Ill give a commitment to your submission early in the process before layout, artwork etc…  a rough concept draft is fine for a commitment.  I am considering devoting all profits to paying off the cost of artwork initially.


Any gamers who like action-themed games – combat, tactics, doing and being seen to do cool stuff with their characters.  But who want to dial the emphasis away from complex cause and effect mechanics and concentrate more on well paced, satisfying fiction.  Mainstream gamers looking for something a little different in other words, without having to sacrifice what they already like about role-playing to get it.

Please ask any question you have as a comment, and we can get in touch.


Steve Mathers (stefoid)



  1. I really groove on the refined gaming essence of Ingenero. I find much of my own thoughts incorporated in it. Very appealing.

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